Our perspective of managing a community associations is that it is much like managing a small city.  The leadership of a city consists of a mayor and commissioners with a city manager and staff to run day-to-day operations.  Similarly, a homeowners’ association president and board of directors provide leadership, with a property management company providing knowledge, experience, and current industry insights while running day-to-day operations.

So, how does Carter Realty, Inc., help your Community?

We oversee:

  • The landscaping program
  • Pool maintenance and common-area facilities
  • Inspection of common-areas and properties throughout the neighborhood
  • Collection of fees and enforcement of Bylaws & Covenants
  • Interaction with owners and residents about community issues and concerns
  • Interaction with vendors, realtors and new homeowners
  • Alerting appropriate county agencies and utilities of needed service
  • Development of the annual budget, reserve fund study and payment of operating expenses