For Board Members



A. Produce budget with recommendations to the Board

B. Produce long-term budget & reserve fund evaluation

C. Distribute approved budget to homeowners

2. Collections

A. Distribute payment coupons to homeowners

B. Maintain owner ledgers

C. Apply late fees

C. Send delinquency & suspension letters

D. File liens & judgments with Association’s attorney

3. Accounts Payable

A. Receive and review Vendor invoices

B. Mail payments weekly

C. Maintain check register with all invoices

4. Closing Letters

A. Provide closing letters to attorneys within 24 hours of request

B. Maintain history of all closing letters

C. Update ownership database

5. Mortgage Questionnaires

A. Fill out & fax to mortgage company within 24 hours of request

B. Maintain history of all completed mortgage questionnaires

6. Financial Reports Provided Monthly to the Board

A. Income Statement with Budget & Actual Year-to-Date

B. Balance Sheet with summaries of the Association’s assets

C. Cash Disbursements Journal for the month

D. Delinquency Report


A. Attend Monthly Board Meetings

B. Attend Annual Meetings

C. Develop Agendas

D. Take Minutes & Distribute to Board Members

E. Chair meetings upon request

2. Communications

A. Respond to all owners calls promptly (at least within 24 hours)

B. Maintain history of calls & correspondence

3. Owner Database

A. Provide Board with current ownership list

B. Assist homeowner’s committee in development & distribution of directories

4. Newsletters

A. Distribute Association Newsletter

5. Costs

A. All costs for copies, postage & association supplies are charged to the Association.


A. Obtain competitive bids from service providers for: landscape maintenance, insurance, pool service, building maintenance, etc.

B. Assistance on developing all vendor contracts with Association.

C. Monitor contractor performance


B. Investigate reported violations

C. Maintain violation log

D. Mail violation & fine letters

E. Coordinate appeals with the ACC Committee & Board of Directors

F. Maintain log of approved architectural changes


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